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Tuesday, October 3rd 2023!

Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center has been operating on the frontline of wildlife conservation since 2001. Cikananga provides rescued animals a second chance by giving them a proper home and rehabilitation after enduring often a lot of trauma due to the illegal wildlife trade and/or being kept as a pet. Our dedicated team of keepers and volunteers work very hard every day to provide all the     animals with the best care possible.

Cikananga is a multi-species rescue center, this makes the center very special and means we can be flexible on receiving new individuals. However taking care of so many different species is a big challenge; 
each species has different needs when it comes to care, diets, enclosures so our staff need to be incredibly knowledgeable across many areas. There are also the financial challenges as Cikananga relies entirely on donations and sponsorships. 

On October 3rd, 2023, Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) will present the 10th annual Giving Day for Apes. Giving Day for Apes is a yearly opportunity for sanctuaries and rescue centers that care for apes across North America, Africa and Asia to raise funds and raise awareness about their work.

We are very pleased to announce that Cikananga Wildlife Center and Wanicare have been invited to participate in the 24 hour international fundraising event by Giving Day for Apes.
We are asking for all our supporters to help us give a second chance to the apes that are affected heavily and horribly by the ongoing illegal wildlife trade. 

This year we, at Cikananga Wildlife Center would like to 
focus our attention on 1 project:

Building a suitable sanctuary enclosure for Siamang ‘Black’ and Ruby. 

These individuals came to us separately, but with unfortunately very familiar, terrible experiences in the wildlife trade. Sadly neither Siamang can be released due to their history in captivity so now they are in need of a warm and comfortable forever home to grow old in. To read about their life stories and more about our hope for their future,
check “updates” above.

Giving Day for Apes not only allows us to receive help directly from supporters, but also to spread awareness of the harrowing reality that these animals have to deal with by sharing the stories of our beloved gibbons. Giving Day for Apes would not be possible without the help from The Arcus Foundation, and The Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and Mighty Cause, therefore we would like to give a big thank you!

You can help us provide a better life for the animals by spreading our fundraising efforts far and wide! 
It’s as easy as sharing our posts and stories online and with friends and family. 

A small gesture already has a huge impact. Stay tuned for more details over the next few days on what we hope to raise funds for and how your donations can be stretched further! 

Not only on our behalf, but also on the behalf of the animals, thank you in advance!

The Wanicare Foundation is a Dutch non-governmental and non-profit organization
It was established in 2009 by Willemijn Eggen, a Dutch National who worked with Cikananga for a number of years. From that moment on, The Wanicare Foundation started to help Cikananga Wildlife Center by providing (on-the-ground) support to the business operations and financial findings. 

Unfortunately, Java is losing more and more of its biodiversity. This is due to a high rate of deforestation, in order to create space for housing and agriculture due to the highest population density of any island in Indonesia. Because of this, The Wanicare Foundation, in collaboration with Cikananga Wildlife Center, has started to implement habitat protection programs and release programs for the Endangered and Critically Endangered animals such as the wreathed hornbills and Javan leopards since 2011.

This collaboration has made the center what it is today; a home to many different species such as Orangutans, Sun Bears, reptiles and many birds which receive professional care everyday from our passionate team.  Cikananga, as a not-for-profit organisation, depends on donations and other external help to keep developing the center in order to give our animals the best care, enclosures and time with us. 

Do you also want to help us provide a better life for the animals in our care? Help of any kind is more than welcome and very much appreciated, this can be done by donating during this GDFA or by adopting an animal, volunteering or other support all which can be found on our website: 

A big thank you from us all,

Team Cikananga Wildlife Rescue Center
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