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As you know, something terrible  happened to us and it s very hard to find the words to start this campain. Monga, Hussein and César, three recently rescued orphan chimpanzees were kidnapped on September 9th. Our family was threatened if we called the police. Daily calls were given by the abductors to put additional pressure on the situation claiming they would decapitate one of the orphans and send the head at the sanctuary if we didn't pay the ransom.

My name is Roxane. Franck (my husband) and I are both the founders of the Congolese NGO rescuing endangered primates. Since we started J.A.C.K., we have known plenty of obstacles and a lot of challenges. With the first arson of  September 2006, this situation  is the worst - the lives of three babies are in great danger and, because these endangered creatures belong to the Congolese State and ot to us,  we have to rely on the investigations run by the local government.

We were so happy they had recovered from all the abuse they had been through before arriving at J.A.C.K.. Today, human's greed is traumatizing them again and giving them a hard time. 

This tragic event is the first of its kind. It is indeed the first time apes are literally taken from a sanctuary to ask for money.

Franck and I feel desperate and lost. We don't sleep any more. We hardly eat. Our minds are focused on these little ones as we don't know how they feel, how they are or if they are still alive...

   Keep these babies in your prayers

Dear Family and Friends, we are extremely grateful for the calls and messages you and so many others have sent us. We are also very thankful some want to help in such circumstances. 

Please, know that unlike last year and the years before, our Congolese NGO has been again kindly invited to participate to the GIVING DAY FOR APES event.  Again, this year, we wish to compete in order to put additional  security in and around the complex. We need to hire two more armed eco-guards (Ranges from the DRC National Parks) , buy more security/surveillance cameras, barbed wires, strong padlocks, new door locks, handheld & mobile radios, etc. We have already spent more than $ 5 000 in emergency. 

Our hearts are bleeding and it is very hard to ask for financial help in this unbearable situation... However, two orphan chimps, Banda and Bunia, escaped from this tragedy and must certainly miss their 3 stolen friends. The two little ones as well as the 100 other primate residents of our complex need to feel secure, loved  and well looked after. So does our team which is afraid as most of the keepers are convinced these villains will come back and harm the sanctuary again...

Please, keep on praying for Monga, César and Hussein. These babies do not diserve this nightmare  and we must all keep HOPE they will come back at the sanctuary.

Thank you 

Roxane & Franck

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