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The Limbe Wildlife Centre

The LWC, founded in 1993, was Cameroon’s first sanctuary for Apes rescued from the illegal bushmeat and pet trades. Our mission aims to conserve apes and other wildlife by rehabilitating victims of poaching, inspiring people to connect with nature and improving local communities’ wellbeing. 

For 30 years, the LWC has provided a safe and secure second chance for apes in desperate need. As victims of cruel wildlife trade, many of them has seen their families killed, been confined in horrendous and inhumane conditions for years, and even been beaten by their captors. They often arrive suffering psychological trauma, physical wounds, malnourishment, and infections. 

Apes are just like us… They need a home, security, family, food, water, medical care, entertainment. This is why we need your help to keep doing our important work! 

Funds from Giving Day for Apes will help fulfil the daily needs of the 55 apes under our care.

Our 55 rescued apes all have different personalities, backstories, needs, likes, and dislikes...


The LWC is home to 14 gorillas and 41 chimpanzees who were orphaned by the illegal bushmeat and pet trades. Our team of dedicated carers have helped our rescued apes overcome great challenges. Each day, our team provide our apes with a varied diet and all kinds of enrichment to keep them healthy, happy, and entertained.

Because of the support we receive from you, we can provide…

$25 buys one wheelbarrow of delicious fresh produce for our apes.

$40 will buy all the nuts, bolts and firehose needed to build a strong and comfortable ape hammock.


$150 will pay for one health check.

$250 can go towards supporting our team of long-term dedicated carers.


The apes at the LWC require life-long care. Wildlife in Cameroon is under threat, with increasing rates of deforestation and wildlife trade. Due to the lack of protected areas and adequate law enforcement, releasing apes is not currently an option. You can help us continue to provide them with high-quality daily care by providing a gift today.

You can also provide a gift to help our special care apes… 

$10 provides enough milk and celeriac powder for one orphan for one week.

$50 supports Twiggs most trusted carers to provide her with physiotherapy sessions.

$100 will allow you to sponsor Mayos and receive updates about her care.



Every single one of our apes was robbed of their freedom to be in the wild – you can give them the gift of a second chance at life and donate today!

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