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Primarily Primates, Inc. (PPI) is a not-for-profit animal sanctuary in Bexar County, Texas, providing permanent, lifetime care and housing for rescued animals, mostly primates, including 31 chimpanzees.

The 300+ animals living at PPI have been saved from biomedical research, the pet trade, and/or the entertainment industry.

For years, PPI has steadily worked to provide natural-substrate enclosures, or “greenspace” as we call it, for all primates living at PPI. Thanks to diligent work, all 31 chimpanzees now residing at PPI have access to greenspace! However, we aren’t content to stop there. We are forever moving the goalpost in the interest of animal care. Now we are working towards providing all chimps with 24/7 constant access to greenspace. Of the 31 chimpanzees residing at PPI, 23 have the ability to choose between outdoor and indoor spaces at all times. Only eight chimpanzees, all located in one housing array, have more limited access. To resolve this issue, we need just one more greenspace.

Greenspaces are an important part of providing the best animal care possible. PPI cares for each animal individually and holistically, focusing on both physical and psychological health. Replicating factors that animals would experience in the wild allows them to express natural behaviors, which then leads to healthier, happier animals. Combining animals into diverse social groups that mimic wild structures while also providing large, natural enclosures gives them a chance to move around using the special adaptations each species and individual possesses.

PPI is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and is committed to compassionate and appropriate zoological care. These animals get to live the rest of their lives with dignity, experience proper social environments, and make choices about how they want to spend their days. Access to greenspaces is how we can give them this freedom.

Efforts to achieve the goal of providing all chimps with 24/7 greenspace access have been fruitful. In 2022, PPI successfully combined two bachelor males into one group – Baxter and Jason are now happy together. The intricate, peer-reviewed introduction plan was implemented slowly and carefully, resulting in a thriving pairing. Baxter and Jason now enjoy exploring their greenspace together. We just need you to help us achieve one more goal.

This LAST chimpanzee greenspace has already been started! If you help the chimpanzees at PPI this giving day for apes, a dream is about to come true for chimpanzees named Thomas, Sudio, Justin, Hope, Lisa, Bubba, Baxter, and Jason!

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