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Help us support the orangutans and chimpanzees at the Center for Great Apes!


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It takes a village…

The heartbeat behind the Center for Great Apes is a team of people with diverse educational backgrounds, experiences, and skills who come together to achieve one common goal—to care for the well-being of chimpanzees and orangutans who currently reside at the sanctuary.

The great ape residents at the Center have arrived from circuses, Hollywood entertainment compounds, research, roadside attractions, and the exotic pet trade. Many have arrived with serious health problems, malnutrition, and atrophy; while others arrived lacking the necessary social skills needed to live with others of their kind. But with compassionate care from our team as well as exercise, sunshine, appropriate veterinary care, excellent nutrition, and most importantly, companionship with their own species, these great apes recover and live their lives with dignity at the Center.

Everyone who is part of the CGA team has an important role to play, which ultimately benefits our great ape residents. Our Administrative Team are the ones to fund raise, pay bills, purchase supplies, and educate and interact with our members and supporters. Our Maintenance Team makes the necessary repairs and maintains the great ape habitats to make sure that our residents are safe and happy. Finally, our Ape Care Team, which consists of our Veterinarian, Ape Care Manager, Nutrition Coordinators, Ape Health Coordinators, and Caregivers, all come together to do just that—care for the apes. It is their duty and responsibility to provide a well-balanced, proper diet for each individual resident daily; to provide quality healthcare for the apes including wellness checks, medications, and, when needed, surgical procedures; to provide an enriching and loving environment for the apes to live and thrive in.

If you would like to donate in honor of one of our dedicated and devoted staff members, please include their name in the donation notes.

Ape Care Team-

Ashley A., Carissa A., Hallie B., Jacqueline B., Nicole B., Tammy B., Will B., Mandy C., Jessie F., Elizabeth F., Daileen G., Adriana H., Alicia H., Alex H., Meghann H., Amy J., Sydney K., Ida L., Alex M., Basil M., Bret O., Brandi R., Shannon S., Alicia T., Kat T., Erika V., Brea W., Darlene W., Mel W., and Niki W.

Administrative Team-

Melissa A., Diane B., Lauren B ., Joy H., Lisaanne L., Lisa O., and Courtney T.

Maintenance Team-

Dez H., Teddy R., Rolando R., Maria R., Tony S., and Mike T.

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Center For Great Apes

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